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About Cookies

Cookies are used to store data on your computer when you visit a website, cookies usually contain anonymous data, often to enhance your user experience. When using a website the data stored within the cookie is sent back and forth to the website your visitng to ensure that such activites as your shopping cart or preferences are saved.

A cookie can be used to either store data related to a session/visit and expire once your session has expired or a persistent cookie may be used which may store data until its set expiry date arrives.

Our site and cookie usage

We use cookies to track analytics and under these circumstances we use session/persistent cookies as these are the most efficeint way to ensure that your user experience is the best that we believe is possible.

Third Party Cookies

Our website may use third party cookies to track data to collect anonymous statistics for website analytics.

We make use of Google Analytics to keep track of usage for this website, Google analytics stores information using cookies which are stored on your computer. The information is used for our reporting purposes and to help ensure that we provide you the best experience when browsing the website, to view google's privacy policy please see their webpage for more information.

Personal Information

The cookies that we use on this website do not store personal information that may identify you although we may use the identifier to link to personal information that we have stored.

Blocking of cookies

You may block cookies in must browsers that will allow you to visit the website without cookies being stored, this however may affect your user experience.

Firefox - You may block do this under Tools > Options > Privacy and selecting custom settings and unticking accept cookies

Internet Explorer - Goto Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced

Chrome Goto Customise and control > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings and then select Block sites

Deleting of Cookies

You can delete the cookies in your browser if you choose to do, however this may affect your user experience such as certain services or systems on the website that you are using. Please see your browser under the settings tabs for more information on this.

Contacting Us
If you have any queries regarding the use of cookies on this website you can contact us via the following methods:

Telephone: 01743 236000



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